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      Know what’s on your shelf

      PICS saves time and reduces unneeded expenses from mismanaged prescriptions. With our web-based system, it can be as easy as scanning a barcode with our handheld Bluetooth device or by weight through our integrated scales.
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      Simplify inventory management

      Cost savings

      PICS can prevent lost prescriptions that impact your budget


      System integration with Mettler Toledo Scales

      Weight-based inventory management

      Remote app integration

      Add or retrieve information from anywhere

      Learn how PICS streamlines inventory management for a Turnkey customer’s clinic

      Time saving, secure and scalable

      Simplify inventory management with our flexible, secure platform that’s easy to use and scalable to any size operation or veterinary clinic. It allows you to quickly log in, receive, adjust and transfer pharmaceuticals. PICS includes secure user sign-on protocols and a flexible reporting function that can be configured according to what your business needs.

      Easy item check-in/checkout

      Items in PICS can be entered and removed four easy ways. Choose the approach that works best for your business.

      Through the desktop program

      With a handheld Bluetooth scanner

      Through the app

      Weight-based using scales

      Getting started

      The support you need as you begin to use PICS

      Our team will tailor your setup to best fit your business needs. We’ll guide you through the setup process and will be on site for the full installation and training. We’ll also set up your master inventory list, select desired inventory levels and enter locations. Our team will be available as your business needs change over time.
      PICS can be a set up in a way that is easiest for you and your staff.