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      About Us

      What began in 1977, continues today

      There’s a reason why more than 70% of feedyards turn to us to support their business. For four decades we’ve developed systems and software designed specifically to meet the needs of cattle producers. Our developers, service technicians and support staff know the cattle industry and make decisions based on what can strengthen an operator’s business. As a result, customers know when we say Trust Us, We’re Turnkey, we mean it.

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      Our history

      Turnkey was founded in 1977 as a Digital Equipment Corporation reseller. The company provided a full complement of data processing services including hardware installation, general accounting applications and custom developed industry-specific software. 

      Since then, we’ve grown from a handful of employees in Amarillo, Texas, to over 80 employees developing, installing and servicing our cattle feeding software and have expanded west of the Mississippi River, through the southern U.S. and into Canada. We’ve maintained the kind of company where employees know each other like family, and our commitment to our customers has remained a core Turnkey value.

      A tradition of community service

      Charitable giving and volunteerism have always been an important part of Turnkey’s culture. For more than 25 years, we’ve raised money to support Bethesda Outreach, a program that supplies basic needs to individuals in Amarillo. We also work with Snack Pak 4 Kids to provide meals to school-aged children over weekends and holiday breaks. Our employees volunteer to fill packs, and the company raises money to supply protein for included meals. Our photo gallery offers a look at these efforts.

      Annual golf tournaments raise funds for charitable organizations in the Amarillo, Texas, area.

      Turnkey team members take time to raise funds for charity.

      Turnkey employees volunteer to fill packs with food for students in need for the charitable organization Snack Pak 4 Kids.

      Employees volunteer annually to help the organization, which provides food for students to eat on weekends and holidays.