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      Better decision making for your business

      Our newest cattle feedlot management solution connects operational and financial data to show how your feedyard can run more efficiently.  
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      Drive your feedyard’s efficiency

      A new view of your operation

      Analyzes data from multiple sources to show opportunities

      Easy-to-read results

      Turns raw data to charts, graphs and more

      Cattle Performance Index

      It’s the only software solution in the industry to score animals by key indicators

      Software that makes powerful connections

      Insights correlates data from Turnkey’s Feedyard Accounting Management System (FAMS) or FY3000 and Animal Management Studio (AMS) to show new opportunities for efficiency. It works by converting a range of complex data points into easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Reports are customizable and are perfect for sharing with others in emails, meetings or presentations.   
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      Trusted service and support

      In-person and remote training available

      With the majority of cattle on feed in the United States running on Turnkey, we’ve been your trusted software partner for 40 years. Our experienced staff will guide you through onboarding for your operation. Service and support staff are available for additional training.  
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