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Feedyard Accounting & Management System

The Feedyard Accounting & Management System (FAMS) is the main management and accounting database and the core of our feedyard software applications. The system is multi-user, multi-yard, and multi-company capable. The FAMS handles all cattle inventory activity including receivings, shipments, movements, and deads. In addition, the FAMS system is the source for all commodity activity including contracting, receiving, ration formulation, and commodity costing. The FAMS provides for charge entry, billing, performance analysis, projections, historical analysis, and an extensive and flexible reporting function. The FAMS interfaces to the Turnkey A/R, A/P, R/M, and Notes System.

Health Management System

The Turnkey Health Management System (HMS) was originally developed in 1984 for tracking individual animals and their treatment and processing histories, and has been rewritten to include a variety of capabilities. The system utilizes the Feedyard Accounting and Management System database to run real-time at chute-side and connects to the office server using Radio Frequency modems to provide a single cattle inventory system. This capability is unique to Turnkey’s suite of applications. The system provides for the assignment of diagnosis, calculations of treatment dosages, and tracking of cattle inventories. Extensive medical analysis and inventory reports are available by report or on the screen.
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Feed Management System

The Turnkey Feed Management System is a remote “bunk-side” feed call system. The system is designed to use the FAMS cattle database and run real-time at the bunk. It is connected to the office server using Radio Frequency modems which provides for a single cattle inventory system using the FAMS database. The system is used to calculate feed calls, provide for feed adjustments, provide the bunk reader with historical data, and interface feed fed to the FAMS. Several truck scale interfaces are available to allow feed fed to be interfaced to the system. Extensive feed, analysis, consumption, and inventory reports are available.
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Risk Management System

The Turnkey Risk Management System (RMS) consolidates cattle records from one or more yards into one common database for performance projections, risk determination, and financial analysis reporting. Futures positions may be applied on a lot or customer basis. Provisions are made to include contracted cattle, outside cattle, and feedyard cattle. The system was designed as an exception reporting, analysis, and projection application linked tightly with the Feedyard Accounting and Management System, Accounts Receivable, Outside Cattle Management, and Notes Management systems.

Commodities Management System

The Turnkey Commodities Management System is used to manage contracts for inventory that are tracked outside of the feedyard inventory, including unpriced farmer contracts. The application has provisions for tracking producers by percentage of ownership, trucker, and cutter. Interfaces to the FAMS and to the A/P for payment of contracted items are controlled by the user.

Outside Cattle System

The Turnkey Outside Cattle System is designed to manage cattle inventories outside of the feedyard cattle inventory. Typical locations include grass cattle, wheat pasture cattle, or a grow yard. The system provides for charging on gain or time calculations, and facilitates a single entry of charges from, and payments to, outside vendors. The Outside Cattle System interfaces to the Turnkey FAMS, A/R, A/P, Notes Management, and Risk Management Systems.

Cattle Induction System

The Turnkey Cattle Induction System (CIS) provides Individual Animal Tracking and Reporting. It is a chute-side processing/sorting system used for “inducting” or receiving cattle into the Feedyard Accounting and Management System. The system utilizes “touch screen” technology running at the processing chute and can be tied directly to the scale head, EID readers, or other devices. The data collected by this system provides the framework for receiving cattle directly into the Turnkey FAMS application.
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Accounts Receivable

The Turnkey Accounts Receivable (A/R) is designed to be both tightly integrated with the Feedyard Accounting and Management System and to operate as an independent A/R for other businesses. The A/R interfaces with the billing functions in the Feedyard Accounting and Management System, and interfaces to the Notes Management System, Risk Management System, and the General Ledger. Features include the ability to calculate, track, and record finance charges, customer invoicing, statement printing, and sales analysis.
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Accounts Payable

The Turnkey Accounts Payable (A/P) handles all payables, processing, check processing, and payables reporting, including 1099’s. The A/P has an “interface on demand” to the Turnkey General Ledger. The A/P interfaces from the FMS using the Turnkey Feed Payables application which provides a seamless link to A/P for items such as commodity contract payments.
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The Turnkey Payroll System (P/R) is designed to handle all payroll activity including employee master maintenance, employee histories, and time entry. The system provides for payroll calculations for either hourly or salaried employees, and calculates wages, taxes and deductions. Payroll also provides reporting for payroll history, employee reports, as well as printing quarterly and yearly tax forms. The P/R System has an interface on demand to the Turnkey G/L.
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General Ledger

The Turnkey General Ledger (GL) allows for multiple profit centers and is multi-company capable. Financial statement reporting is user-defined and provides reports for Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Supporting Schedules, Statements of Changes in Financial Position and Working Capital, and Cash Flow Analysis. The General Ledger provides “interface on demand” from the other Turnkey accounting applications, including A/R, A/P, P/R, and Notes Management, in a variety of detail or summary options.
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Notes Management System

The Turnkey Notes Management System is designed to manage financed feed and/or cattle balances. The system allows for interest generation on either a customer or lot level basis. The system has multiple interest rate capability. A variety of reports are available for note and customer analysis. The Notes Management System interfaces to the Turnkey FAMS, A/R, G/L, and Risk Management Systems.

Feed Payables System

The Turnkey Feed Payables System provides a convenient means to interface payables activity in the Feedyard Accounting and Management System to the Accounts Payable application. This is particularly helpful in the management of commodity contract receipts. The Feed Payables application provides for single-entry vouchering directly to the Accounts Payable from the FAMS database.

Consolidated General Ledger

The Turnkey Consolidated General Ledger allows for the linking of multiple General Ledgers (either multi-company or multi-divisional) into a consolidated format for reporting and analysis. Consolidation may be run on a user-defined basis.

Visual Management System

The Turnkey Visual Management System (VMS) is a new product available for installation in 2009. This is a data warehouse, decision support, and customer management/retention system, designed using an SQL database. The VMS system receives data directly from all of the Turnkey applications on a daily basis. The application provides for Interactive charts, graphs, and drill down fields for easier access and analysis of critical management data. Exception alerts are preset to notify you of conditions in your yard that are outside predetermined parameters. This allows you to spend more time fixing problems and less time looking for them. The system has analysis of customers, buyers, breed, background, condition, weights, consumption, animal health, and a host of other user defined criteria. Email capability is built in for ease of customer communication. Your consulting veterinarian and nutritionist can use this tool to provide better service to you and consequently to your customers.


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