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Turnkey Computer Systems was founded to be the cattle-feeding industry’s most dependable, single source for business computer systems and services. True in 1977. True now.

Turnkey accounting and management software solutions and systems are used across the US, Canada, and Australia. To ensure that your solutions are ready when you need them, we provide industry-leading customer support, and training.

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Turnkey Accounting (FAMS)

Feedyard Accounting and Management system is a cattle accounting management system with multi-yard, multi-company capabilities. Turnkey FAMS can also provide performance analysis, projections, inventory management, and management of accounts receivable. Available options include payroll, risk management, customer financing management, accounts payable, commodity scale interface, carcass imports and general ledger to provide a full comprehensive accounting package.

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Feedyard 3000 Accounting provides multi-facility functionality for cattle and commodity inventories along with billing, reporting and data analysis tools to keep track of all feedlot accounting activities. Other available options include a commodity scale interface and management module, Risk Management module, Harvest module, and Carcass Data imports.

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Advanced Livestock Tracker is cattle financial software that is designed and priced to accommodate the needs of smaller feedlot operations yet contains the data and information needed to make educated decisions. Some of these features include Projection and Breakeven calculations, commodity and medicine inventory tracking, comprehensive data input for daily cattle transactions, customer billing and payment functions, and complete yet simplistic Close Out reporting.

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Animal Management Studio is an integrated Animal Health and Feed Management tracking and analysis software system. The AMS Truck System software (with optional GPS capabilities) is our computerized solution for feed trucks that communicates with AMS Feed Management to capture the loaded ingredient amounts as well as the fed amounts to cattle.

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Cattle Induction System works hand in hand with our Animal Management Studio system or as stand-alone system to easily induct, process and sort individual animals into the feedyard.

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Pen Rider

The Pen Rider app works seamlessly via the internet with AMS Animal Health for health history records, Treatment and Death entries.

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Pharmacy Inventory Control System is a web-based inventory management system that utilizes bar codes to scan in and scan out products.

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Our new software, Turnkey Insights®, allows feedyards to make the most of Turnkey’s software tools. Insights bridges our financial and operational software into an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you a fresh look into your business. The result: more information for better decision making. 

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