Turnkey Computer Systems, LLC announces a new Automated Online Backup Solution for our customers. This new service provides another means to ensure that data integrity is maintained and that business interruption is minimized due to catastrophic or minor data loss.

  • Turnkey will have a secure copy of your data and program files in case of an everyday business interruption or a catastrophic data loss, such as a server crash, wind, water, or fire damage, or outside virus or unintentional data erasure.
  • The Turnkey Online Backup software will copy your data to a secure server on our in-house network. A unique Data Security Certificate is generated for each customer.
  • Once the data is copied to our in-house server, an additional copy of the data will be transferred to a secure offsite server owned by Turnkey.
  • Your data is accessible only to authorized Turnkey employees, with password protection. The data is encrypted in such a way as to allow only the specific Turnkey Automated Online Backup Solution software to access it.
  • A Backup log is generated each day for completion verification and review.

For more information, pricing, or to see if your location qualifies, contact Ron Cleeton
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